How To Remove Dark Lip,The Best Dark Lips Tips


How To Remove Dark Lip, The Best Dark Lips Tips

How To Remove Dark Lip,The Best Dark Lips Tips
How To Remove Dark Lip,The Best Dark Lips Tips

I Show you very easy work but very effective. Lip scrub so my lips get so dry in the winter. so I wanted to show you a way to really get rid of that dead skin on yours. Lips and leave them looking very fresh and it also will plump them a little bit as well we’re using brown sugar as our exfoliant. So this is going to get rid of any dead skin on our lips and just buy and then we’re also using coconut oil.


Which is super hydrating and it helps to prevent any cracking of your lips, so if you guys like to wear lipstick a lot this will just keep them really nice and smooth honey’s also really good. Ingredient to add a lot of moisture to your lips honey is anti-aging so our lips do age too sadly. So this is a good thing to just slop on your lips to give them a little extra boost and honey is also really good to remove makeup.


So if you guys need to remove the lipstick you can just add a little honey on your lips to kind of rub it around just. A little tip and then if you want you can add Cinnamon will add a little bit of a plumping effect to your lips and then vanilla will make it a little bit sweeter.


So grab a little bowl and add in one tablespoon of brown sugar. 1 teaspoon of melted coconut oil and one teaspoon of honey and then mix that together until it forms a paste and then once that’s all combined you can go ahead and add just a dash of cinnamon and notice a tiny bit of vanilla and then mix those in and then add your mixture into a little jar. This used to be a face mask.


So I’m just repurposing it so just take smooth out all over your lips and then I like to start rubbing, that in circles For about 20 to 30 seconds, and then to take it off just use a damp. Washcloth to wipe the excess off and you are done and you’re left with super-smooth lips. They also will be really plump looking and the cinnamon makes them look a little bit more like pinkish red.


So it Almost looks like you have lipstick on I love it. So I like to do this in the
Morning because it just leaves your lips looking really nice for the day. I hope you guys all can try this DIY out yourself it’s so easy and very effective and is all-natural which is great.



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